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eLearning supports 利记sbo colleges and academic departments in the use of innovative technologies and strategies for teaching and learning. eLearning assists faculty in the design and development of engaging online degree programs as well as the implementation of technology enriched learning environments throughout 利记sbo’s campus.

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Lawrence Technological University has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

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eLearning services Lawrence Tech has a long tradition of rigorous academics. Our online degree programs embrace the same standards of quality as our traditional classroom delivery methods. 利记sbo Online provides access to our excellent curriculum and faculty to students all across the world. Get more information about all of the 利记sbo Online Programs eLearning supports.

Lawrence Technological University is a member of the NC-SARA National Reciprocity Agreement, and is authorized to offer online courses throughout the United States of America, and its respective territories. 

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Canvas is 利记sbo's Learning Management System and will be used for all courses beginning Summer of 2018. Get more information about Canvas.
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This Online Faculty Preparation (OFPP) course is delivered in Canvas and covers essential information and strategies for successful delivery of your online course. This program may take up to 20 hours to complete depending on your time and effort. This program may be required for an online teaching assignment. NOTE: This program is for new faculty or faculty who have not completed similar online preparation. eLearning, in consultation with department chair will determine requirements.


The Online Faculty Preparation Program ensures that all online instructors are aware of and comply with State and Federal regulations and distance education guidelines and are proficient in the tools and techniques for effective online teaching.


Course Outcomes & Outline:


  1. Identify the essential elements of course design and facilitation intocourse
  2. Demonstrate understanding of online instructional techniques that promote student learning
  3. Discuss the importance of engaging online students in relevant activities that promote learning.
  4. Apply techniques for interacting with students in the onlineenvironment
  5. Use tools in Canvas to develop and teach an online class with effectivestrategies
  6. Create effective online course design elements (interaction, assessment, and content) in Canvas
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in using other tools – lecture capture, web conferencing,Mural

Module 1: Difference and similarities between online and on campus teaching

Module 2: Ingredients to a great instructional experiences & how to build them:

  1. Well organized and prepared content delivery - recorded lectures with examples, live web conference sessions, readings, etc. (use of lecture capture tool and web conferencing)
  2. Relevant and systemic interaction – online discussion, practice activities, synchronous conversations team projects, etc. (use of Canvas collaborationtools)
  3. Varied and aligned assessment - aligned with the course content and set up in a way that ensures academic integrity (use of Canvas quizzes, rubrics andgrading)

Module 3: Creating great content: Planning, recording and delivering content Module 4: It’s all about engagement: Tools to promote interaction

Module 5 : How do you know they learned what you wanted them to learn: Assessment strategies

Module 6: Putting it together: Effective syllabus and building an online module

Module 7: Online Instruction Guidelines & Expectations

  1. Verification of student identity – how do you know it’s the right student doing thework
  2. Contact hour requirements – ensuring student get their tuition’sworth
  3. Student Success and Retention Strategies – early warning signals andsupport
  4. Copyright – modeling therules
  5. Accessibility – ensuring every student hasaccess


Deliverables: The program includes use of web-conference tools, Canvas quizzes and assignments designed to show faculty what the students experience. Faculty will complete a minimum of two modules for their upcoming online course.

Media Production
eLearning Services Media Production team provides support for the creation of digital video, audio, and graphics projects. Get more information about media production .
eHelp is a one-stop source for instructions and documentation to help faculty and students navigate the computing environment at Lawrence Tech. Get more information about eHelp .